blogging 101

Howdy Folks. 

As I’m new to using WordPress myself, I’ve picked up a few tips that I hope will be able to help get you started at blogging. Let’s start at the beginning. 

First you join neoblogo:

When you would like to join the neoblogo site, please let me know and I’ll send you an invitation from WordPress/Neophyte. Once you get the email, it will tell you that “You have been invited to create a free WordPress blog. To accept this invitation, visit” (and you will be given a link to click on).

Clicking the link will take you to a WordPress page that will ask you to register.

1) Add a username,
2) a password (x2),
3) an email address.
4) Check off that you agree to the terms of service AND…


5) check the button that says ”just a username please.” This will attach you to neoblogo as a “user” which will allow you to publish your posts to this blog.

WordPress will then send you an email for you to activate your account.

Click on the link in the email to activate your account and once it’s accepted your screen will show your username and password. Click on the “login” option if you’re ready to check out your new toy!

Or if you want to come back at a later time you can also log in from:

From the main blog page, scroll down thru the menu items on the right, under “Meta,”  click on the item titled, “login.” Input your user ID and password and you’ll be taken to your “Dashboard.”

In the Dashboard area of the blog is where all the magic happens. Fish around, see what’s what. To post something to the blog, start by clicking on the menu item on the left called, “Posts.”

Click on “Add New” and a page will open up “Add New Post.”

Enter your blog title and then in the main body, enter your blog text.

Once you’re ready to publish your work, scroll down and on the left of the page, check Category named for your blogs ( I’ll set this up at the time I send you the invitation from Wordpress). Be sure that the only category that is checked off is yours. You can also “preview” your post if you’d like to see it before its published. 

Now you can scroll back up and click on the blue “Publish” button.

Your post will then have been published to the front page of the blog as well as to the Category page (under your name) also listed on the front page. To view your post you can (from the Dashboard) look to the top left of the Dashboard and click on “Visit Site.” This will take you to the front page of the blog where your Post will be published.

If you look over to the right, you’ll see Categories listed that will include yours. In that page only the posts you publish will be shown.

Any questions, please ask & I’ll help out best I can.

One more thing… Enjoy your blogging! There’s no censorship, no themes to adhere to, no rules. This is a place for you to express yourself as you wish.


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